Apple TV set designs are in early stages of testing

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that Apple is working with an Asian manufacturer on some sort of Apple TV like device. These reports are unsure of it is the same Apple TV that exists today or a new iteration that in an actual television set.

According to the report this new Apple TV is in its early stages of testing. Apple is working with Hon Hai Industries as the main assembler and Sharp on design the television set. Again, we’re unsure if there will be a full blown TV set, but we’ll see. An interesting bit is that Apple is working with cable companies to make a set-top box that has live TV on it. Its to be seen how they go about that and if it will be strictly IP based programming or using something like cable-card to pull that off over traditional copper.

As stated in the Steve Jobs bio by Walter Isaacson Jobs “finally cracked” the method to change the way we all enjoy television going forward and stated that he’d have the typical simple interface that Apple is known for. We wouldn’t expect anything less from Apple.

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