Review: SnapBox from Phone to Canvas

How does it work? Simply email a photo to,then you can easily select and order a canvas prints right from your phone, computer or any web enabled device. It’s that easy, if you … Continue reading →

Review: Toast Made Wooden iPhone 4/4S & 5 covers

I first saw Toast at CES earlier this year; they make wooden covers for most iDevices and the Galaxy S3. The iPhone is a slick piece of hardware; it’s slim, smooth and very beautifully designed. The problem is that most people cover their phone with the biggest, ugliest, thickest piece of crap they can find. [Read More…]

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Cooler Master JAS PRO – Portable Laptop Stand for Apple MacBook, iPad 4, and iPad Mini

JAS PRO is the latest in Macbook and iPad stands by Cooler Master. The build quality and clean sculpted lines make this an attractive stand.

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Review: The KAVAJ Leather Iphone 5 Case “Dallas”

This is KAVAJ’s answer to a simple wallet, and phone case in one. The case is made of 100% leather with a soft microfiber-like flannel liner, to protect from dust and scratches. On the back of the case, there is a spot that holds 2 credit cards. The leather feels of high quality leather and [Read More…]

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Review: Gameloft Duo Gamer Controller for iOS

Playing a game on the iPad without using your fingers on the screen is great but this device has some shortcomings.

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Game Review: Air Patriots

Air Patriots is a fun new defense game where you place aircraft by drawing flight paths on the screen to shoot moving targets on the ground that are following a set path. The goal of the game is to destroy all the targets before they get to the other side of the level. Air Patriots [Read More…]

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