CES: iSmartAlarm Home Security System

I had a chance to meet the CEO of iSmartAlarm at Pepcom, he was also at CES. The iSmartAlarm system is one of the coolest things I saw at pepcom this year. Its a lightweight and streamlined do-it-yourself home security system that features a central unit called the OneCube, it’s the brain of the system. The OneCube controls the contact sensors, motion sensors and even a Pan & Tilt camera system that’s all connected wirelessly. It also has keyfob’s to arm and disarm the system, as long as an iPhone App. Its full expandable and will work with a small dorm room, or even a large house.

The best part about the iSmartAlarm is it’s connectivity via the iPhone APP. You can effortlessly turn off and on your system. It will notify you if there is trouble in your home, automatically sending you five pictures of the intruders. The APP puts the protection of your home right into the palm of your hand. You can view and move around your interior camera and check on your home, pets, or loved ones while away.

The price of this unit is extremely well priced, all the sensors around $40 and the camera it self is around $80. So with that in mind you can build your ultimate home security system. The whole package is about $250 to start.

iSmartAlarm is a startup company, you can purchase the $250 package with there indiegogo compaign here.

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