E3 Expo 2013: What to expect

e3 E3 Expo 2013: What to expect

With E3 being just a month away, we’re about to see the future of gaming. Hopefully this year’s E3 Expo will bring a smile to my face. We expecting, finally to see what the PS4 will look like, and hopefully Microsoft will officially announce its next generation Xbox.

The gaming industry has been at a standstill waiting on future generation hardware. Developers have been working attentively to make games that will work on current and future platforms. This year’s E3 can expect to see highlights of what’s to come. Current console hardware has been on the back burner for a while now, with PC gaming on a slight rise due to poor graphics and lack of performance from past generation console hardware.

By years end, we’ll see two new consoles in an all-out war for a spot in your living room. Microsoft has been sitting back quietly watching, waiting to pounce on Sony’s upcoming PS4. While Sony has spoken about 4k video play back, no one’s announced 4k gaming. With super high resolutions, I’ll put my money on only 4k video support from both top dogs.

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