PlayStation 4 Diablo III Screen Shots Reveal Saddening News

Diablo III lacking graphics?

Yesterday Blizzard announced for the first time ever, they will be working with Sony to get some games on the PlayStation. I sure hope these screenshots are from the PS3 and not the PS4. From the looks of these lack luster screenshots released on’s D3 site, we have a lot to be sad about. The graphics look mediocre at best, and barely the quality of the PC version. Rendering is poor with lots of jaggies and leaves a lot of room for improvement. Personally it looks like they just announced a PORT of their upcoming PS3 title to the new PS4, which was already kind of expected sense there release is so late in the game. Diablo III will be a year old by the time it’s released on the PS4, so anyone hoping for something more, or a greater version of Diablo, you may want to look else where.

What we can tell is…

These poor screenshots give us a glimpse at how some of the controls and menu structure will work, when the game finally does come out on PS3/PS4. Hopefully in the mean time they will streamline some of these graphics, and perhaps give us some higher quality textures worthy of the new console.

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