Playstation 4 – DualShock 4 Images

We’re still waiting on full pictures of the console, but here we have the DualShock 4 Controller, the move sensor bar and some of the details on the Controller are listed below. I bet we wont see the console itself until E3, follow us for future details.

PlayStation 4 Controller Details.

Sony’s been pretty touch happy since they released the Vita last year, here’s there newest addition to the console market with a touch sensor between the D-Pad and buttons.

The DualShock 4 now has a Move Light bar on it to interface directly with the Move Sensor that comes with the new PS4.

Trying to compete with the WII right out of the box. Also for owners of the Vita, with an additional cord you’ll be able to play the PS4 right on your portable. Too bad it doesn’t work wirelessly.

The Analog Sticks now have rims around the tops of the sticks, other than that there’s not much different here from previous generation except for maybe some added distance between the two.

The new controller now has a speaker and perhaps a microphone. Adding a microphone right on the controller would only make sense, but we don’t know for sure just yet.

Then there’s also the addition of the new share button. Giving the PlayStation 4 the upper hand when it comes to social networking. They’re promising a lot of features out of this one button, but we’ll have to see how many of them actually come to fruition.

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