Review: Blue Microphones Tiki USB Mic

Blue Microphones Tiki 0011 150x150 Review: Blue Microphones Tiki USB Mic
  • Tiki
  • Rating: 5
  • USB Microphone: Blue Microphones
  • Version: Tiki
  • Price: $39.99-$79.99
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  • On April 15, 2013
  • Last modified:April 14, 2013

Review Summary:

The Tiki has truly retro stylistic looks with a high end quality feel. The all metal body not only brings a quality feel, but the durability to last.

Most laptops & Ultrabooks come with built in microphones and webcams these days, but they always lack in quality. When it comes to recording crystal clear audio, Blue Microphones knows a thing or two. They’ve made a small high quality microphone that can be used directly on your laptop, or desktop.

Looks & Feel

The Tiki has truly retro stylistic looks with a high end quality feel. The all metal body not only brings a quality feel, but the durability to last. The Grille is chromed, and the body is painted. For such a small microphone, the thing is unquestionably beautiful. It has the Iconic Blue logo on either side with a twin glowing LEDs with different colors depending on the mode or state of the device.

How it works

The Tiki is easily plugged directly into the side of your laptop or any other USB compatible device. If you’re using the Tiki with a desktop, they’ve included a neat little docking cable with the same paint/chrome scheme and rubber feet to hold it in place. There is a hidden button on the front edge that changes the recording modes and the color of the LEDS. The LED will switch from intelligent speech (Blue) to natural recording (Magenta). There’s also an intelligent mute that changed the LED to Yellow and mutes the device intelligently when recording isn’t needed.
The Tiki has voice isolation and noise canceling technologies that reduced all the little background noises of fans and typing that you’d normally find in low quality or built in microphones. The Tiki also has an Izotope ANR Audio processor insuring superior quality and performance that All Blue Microphones are known for.


I used the Tiki for over a month with a plethora of software, ranging from Skype, Ventrillo, TeamSpeak, Google Talk, and even and online gaming. Nothing I have could hold a candle to this little microphone, even compared to $300 headphones with built in microphones. No popping, extremely low noise interference and the sound canceling works perfect. Everyone I talked with said wow this is the best you’ve ever sounded when it came to every online chat I ever did. If you’re a pod caster, on the road, or like to record videos for youtube this microphone is for you. It’s small, lightweight and has the best overall quality of any microphone even close to this size that I’ve ever used. The Tiki gets 5 out 5 and the Gadgmatic Stamp of Approval.

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