Review: Bosch GSL 2 Surface Laser

Bosch GSL 2 001 Review: Bosch GSL 2 Surface Laser
  • Bosch GSL 2 Surface Laser
  • Rating: 5
  • Surface Laser: Bosch
  • Version: GSL 2
  • Price: $499
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  • On March 11, 2013
  • Last modified:March 11, 2013

Review Summary:

The Bosch GSL 2 Surface Laser is the worlds first surface laser. It's a portable, and allows you to quickly find floor deviations.

Review: Bosch GSL 2 Surface Laser

The Bosch GSL2 Surface Laser is a portable battery operated floor surface scanner. You can quickly and easily find blemishes, divots, low spots, high spots or any other poor flooring surfaces. The tool is ideal for flooring estimators, screed workers, tillers or any other concrete finishing masons. This is, the WORLDS FIRST surface laser.

The Looks

At first glance when you see the Bosch GSL 2 it looks like the robot from Short Circuit. It’s small, has two eyes and a rotating base, like a mini missile launcher, but shooting laser beams. Sounds cool, right? Well that’s cause it is if you’re a flooring contractor or a Home Improvement DIYer. It has an infrared sensor on top, along with a built in collapsible handle. The unit is blue and rubberized black. It has a small knob on one side to adjust and calibrate the height of the lasers, it also comes with a remote.

The Batteries

The GSL 2 comes with 3 AAA for the remote, and 4 AA batteries for the unit itself. The unit also excepts Bosch’s 12v lithium batteries found in their smaller hand drills. Since I own one I tried it out, it fits great and works great. It’s a shame that they didn’t include a battery and a charger with the unit. With the price of the GSL 2, you’d think they’d through them in for free. But since the unit is slow low powered its probably way more ten overkill for most uses. But if you’re a contractor it’s good to know that you can get a battery back if needed.

How it works

The GSL 2 has two lasers on either side with a self-leveling pendulum mechanism attached through the middle of the turret of the device. To setup the unit you just turn it on adjust your height via the calibration knob until the lasers lines on the floor overlap. When the two laser beams overlap, the floor is level, when the beams spread apart or disappear, the floor deviates and is unlevel. It’s that easy.

How to use it

So the GSL 2 is very straight forward and can be setup within 1 minute. The instructions are very short and to the point. This unit has almost no learning curve. You turn the unit on, and with the push of the remote you’re on your merry way. The remote has 3 speeds, a fast, slow, and step by step. When using the GSL 2 it begins to sweep in a circle shooting two V crossed lasers on the floor. If the beams spread apart, or disappear the surface is uneven and out of level. You can easily stop the GSL 2 with one button press, fix or mark your floor deviation and then continue till you get the job done.

Ease of use

I’m no flooring contactor, but I am a DIYer, and before using this tool I’d lay tile unknowingly of any previous sub floor issues. The untrained eye just can’t see these problems, I’d lay my floor right over it. In some cases, this may be just fine, but if your floor is heavily unlevel, or you’re finishing your concrete it’s hard to imagine doing the job without this tool. Only a trained professional could see issues, or they’d have to feel them out by hand and spot check the floor manually. The GSL 2 puts the old ways to pasture, with one easy to use unit everyone can be a professional.


After testing the GSL 2 it’s clear that no flooring contractor should be without one, you’d be throwing your money out the window. It’s so fast, and so easy to use, there’s no excuse to not have one. If you have a lot of square footage and doing your own flooring renovations or concrete finishing I highly recommend the GSL 2. Your finished product will be a smooth, level, and professional looking surface. Its available now, at $499. I give the GSL 2 a 5 out of 5.

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