Review: Foscam FI8918W Wireless Pan & Tilt Camera

foscam fi8918 Review: Foscam FI8918W Wireless Pan & Tilt Camera

The Foscam FI8918W indoor wireless Pan & Tilt camera is for the budget minded person. Over the years, I have used many CCD & Wireless cameras for my personal home. I currently have over 10 cameras set up on my property for surveillance on the outside and inside of my home.

The FI8918W has some seriously good features for a budget camera. It has Pan & tilt controls, with 300° of Pan 120° of Tilt giving it a good range of motion for most if not all applications. There are also 11 night vision LEDs that can be shut off and on manually or automatically depending on your needs. The unit itself has wifi, ethernet and comes with an AC adapter. The camera can be controlled via any web browser, and there are plenty of Android & IOS apps available for download. Not all apps are created equal, for example, the Foscam Pro app supports two-way audio, while 4 other apps I downloaded did not. Most of the available apps online only support one way audio, so when choosing an APP it is crucial to find one that supports the features needed.

There are a lot of Apps available that work with Foscam IP Cameras. For my test, I used Foscam Pro. It had the best features and supported two way audio. There were some issues though with the software when using two way audio. After using the two way audio a few times on my IPhone, I had to restart the app to get it to work properly. I’m not sure if this is an issue with the app, or the unit itself. The volume for the audio I was sending to the camera was particularly hard to get consistent, this may have been from the unit itself. The speaker is small and does not seem to handle low input volume very well. As far as just using the unit to see or hear what’s going on in the room this product does do a phenomenal job. The ability to turn off and on the Infrared makes the unit a terrific product for low and high light situations.

As for a recording solution this unit does not have a DVR. When setup correctly video can be recorded with motion detection to other outside sources. The recording can also be uploaded to an FTP server or another computer running another monitoring solution. I do not recommend this unit if you are solely using it to record for surveillance but for a secondary camera to look around the inside of your home it will work well.

For a Pan & Tilt Wireless IP Camera the FI8918 came in at a super cheap price of $62.95 on amazon., That’s under half the cost of the cheapest PTZ camera available at Frys. Now the FI8918W does not have zoom, but it does have some other incredible features. If you are looking for a cheap camera with Pan & Tilt I highly recommend you give this one a try., It is great to keep an eye on the pets or even the baby or baby sitter. The Foscam Pro App for IOS is $5.99 and its well worth the money. I tested 5 different apps, and it was the best of the 5 applications I tested

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