Sony’s Playstation 4 coming this 2013 Holiday Season.

The PS4 will have a x86 processor similar to what we all have in our computers today, 8 processing cores total that’s including the GPU, along with 8Gb of GDDR5 memory and a local hard drive. What does all this translate to? Badass gaming graphics at the end of this year. The new PS4 will be in stores this holiday season, and sony still has not given us a glimpse of the unit, so I’m sure we’ll get to see it at E3 later this year. They made a new Dual Shock 4 control, it has a touch pad in the middle and a Move Light on the back, along with a new “Share” button. It also has a lower power button to put the PS4 into a sleep/hibernation state allowing your downloads to continue in the background, and to reload your paste game faster when powering back on.

Overall the graphics of the PS4 look very similar to what only the most high end PC computers can put out. We’ve seen similar demos with Nvidias GTX graphics cards, and with the games we have now on PC we can expect to see a good lineup of highly graphical games on the PS4.

Sony pushed a lot of information about the PS4 being a creative unit, hinting at a lot of user created creators, drawings and perhaps worlds. I’m not too sure what they meant by this, but I think it’s just a bunch of hype trying to steer more crap into their pot.

Now its time to wait and see what Microsoft has up it’s sleeve, only then will we know if they can try and slay the Sony beast once more. Like always, this has been a long time coming. Maybe Sony has finally prepared to retake their once strong Console Crown.

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