The LA Auto Show Nov 30 – Dec 9

The LA Auto Show is coming to southern California this year on Nov 30 – Dec 9. I’ll tell you one thing, I will personally be there this year, as I am every year. The last few auto shows haven’t had much going on since they debuted the Nissan GTR things have been getting rather slow and boring. Last year we saw both the BRZ and the FR-S Concepts. The Cadillac CIEL was also an amazing specimen last year that never made it to the streets of LA. Hopefully this year we’ll see more cars that actually make it to North America then usual. Lets just keep our fingers crossed!

I know they’ll have a few cool cars such as the R-Line CC from Volkswagen along with 3 new Mini Coopers, and the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Black Series. The SLS Black Series is an amazing vehicle but with the price tag bound to be above 300 large we’ll probably almost never see one here on the streets of LA. Look for more coverage from us in the next coming weeks!