Review: ROCCAT Kone+ Gaming Mouse

ROCCAT Has been coming out with some really high quality products as of late. The Kone+ is a highly accurate and highly deadly in any gaming situation.

I’ve been using the Kone+ for a few weeks now, and I put my Razer Naga Epic to the side. The difference in accuracy and beautifully lighted accents of this mouse are amazing. This is by far one of the best mice, with the slickest software I’ve ever used. It down rights plays with the best and lays them to rest!

The mouse has 10 physical buttons including a (4D) mouse scroll wheel. The buttons are fully customizable and can be changed to any key or macro of your choice. Just like the Isku, the kone+ supports macros and even has preset macros for some games built right into their software.

roccat kone+glow Review: ROCCAT Kone+ Gaming Mouse

The mouse is flat black with two high gloss LED rails with 4 multi-color LEDs that breath with color changes and a tastefully done ROCCAT logo on the back in a flat silver. All the color options can be changed on the rails that are the length of the mouse front to back. This is a pretty innovative lighting system and with ROCCAT’s amazing drivers you have the option to change the mouse to any color combination you desire. There’s also larger than normal rear mouse skate that makes this thing just glide. It’s overall construction is very sturdy and does not feel or look cheap in any way.

The weight of the mouse comes in at 126 grams which is about 10 grams lighter than most gaming mouses. Giving this mouse an ultralight feel for fast and accurate game kills! There’s an optional 20 grams of weight that can be added for more heavy handed players.

Overall the Kone+ is a great mouse, and I highly recommend it to hard core gamers.