Cooler Master JAS PRO – Portable Laptop Stand for Apple MacBook, iPad 4, and iPad Mini

Laptops have become the new desktop computer replacement. People, like myself are on the go and try to take their work with them. When I return to my office instead of being confined to the limited screen real estate of my Macbook Pro’s screen I tend to want to use a secondary and an external keyboard and mouse. the Cooler Master JAS PRO is perfect for this. It allows me to come home and place my Macbook in it’s open position next to my external monitor and use it like another monitor while I interface with my external keyboard and mouse. You can also use it in the closed position with the stand if you like. The high quality lightweight design of the JAS PRO lets me adjust the height of the Macbook to any angle and it’s brushed aluminum matched the rest of the desk’s Apple infused aluminum decor.

The JAS isn’t just limited to working with Macbooks, you can also use it with an iPad and the iPad Mini with ease.  I also tried using it with my HP laptop and the adjustable foot at the bottom held the beastly weight of my aging HP laptop. The JAS PRO is very similar to it’s cousin the Cooler Master Cube Stand that we reviewed previously in build quality and ease of use.

The rubber lining of the JAS will protect your device from being scratched and will keep it safely in place. If you are looking for a way to incorporate your Macbook with you external monitor using the JAS will keep your Macbook out of the way, but still allow you to interface with it using a keyboard, mouse or magic trackpad. Looking down at your laptop on your desk can be bad for your neck and back, using the JAS PRO with your laptop upright can help with keeping your posture at a good position and let you use your computer at your normal eye level.

The JAS is available for purchase for $69.99 at or

Review: Cooler Master Cube Stand

One of the great things about tablets is just how portable they are, the drawback to them is finding the best way to keep the device at a great viewing angle without the need to hold it.

Cooler Master’s new product Cube is a iPad or Tablet stand made out of aluminum which features rubber surfaces that would come in contact with your tablet. The device is rectangular shaped and about half the size of a iPad in width when collapsed. The device is designed with an inverted U shape that can be folded up to 135 degrees to accommodate any viewing angle. The feet of the Cube slide out left and right to expose the dock connector to easy charging. The lip of these rubber pads that cradle the lower part of the iPad are made to accommodate most iPad cases. The Cube also works well when the table or iPad is in portrait or landscape.

The cube works well with for artists using a drawing app to office dwellers working outside the cubicle at the local coffee shop. At 22 ounces this device would work well for someone that is traveling and like using their tablet or iPad on the go. Regarding traveling, one thing I’ve noticed with other devices is how easy it is for my iPad to slide off of other stands, that is not the case with the Cube. It seems like the type of rubber used and the texture of it keeps my iPad secure I’d imagine this would work great on and airplane or on a long train ride.

Cooler Master Cube Stand can be purchased from the Cooler Master store for $39.99 US.