For the new switcher to Macs – CheatSheet

I had a friend that recently switched over to the Mac from Windows and she was looking for a way to learn all of the new shortcut key combos in the various apps she will be using. CheatSheet which is free in the App Store allows for the user to kick off the app and press and hold the command key to display a popover view of all of the available shortcuts in a given application. What great about this little utility is if you have been using computers for quite some time but have never used a mac before you can quickly learn all of the keys that you normally us in your Windows equivalent applications.

There are a few applications like this in the app store but this one is free, simple and just works. In the options panel of the application (hold down command then click the gear in the lower right) you can set the app to load at login, print the cheat sheet or set the delay in which the window opens once the command key is head down.

All in all for a free app this is a simple way to get a former Windows users accustomed to shortcut keys that they know exist but dont know what the OS X equivalent is just yet.


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 For the new switcher to Macs   CheatSheet

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