Review: hipKey by hippih

The hipKey was one of the coolest things at Pepcom this year that caught my eye. It’s a small little puck about the size of a key ring alarm remote. Its made of anodized aluminum and rubberized plastic, has two buttons, 1 speaker along with a loop hole for an elastic band. The power button illuminates red when the unit is on and green when connected. It’s attractively designed and well made and feels very sturdy with solid construction.

The hipKey has 4 distinct modes; Alarm Mode, Child Mode, Motion Mode, and then the Find Me feature.

The Alarm Mode works similar to the Child Mode. It has a slider bar in the app to adjust 3 alarm distances, 10, 60, and 150 feet. If you forget your keys or lose your phone both devices alarm when they get outside of there distance boundary., You can also set a safe zone. Using your phones GPS you can set a zone that will allow you to disable the alarm feature, like when your safe at home or work.

The Child Mode is the same as alarm mode but without the safe zone feature. It has the same slider in the app with settings for 3 alarm distances, 10, 60, and 150 feet. I tried the hipKey on my dog, and it worked brilliantly. I even found him when he was hiding under our bed!

Motion Mode is one of the smartest features of the device. It’s so simple but makes so much sense. When this mode is enabled, if you move the hipKey an alarm will sound. This is great for a purse, computer bag, cameras or anything else you want to keep a watchful eye on.

The Find Me feature is one of the most useful features allowing you to find your phone or your keys, or whatever else you may have your hipKey connected too.

The hipKey is great for someone on the go, who has a lot on there plate and might have a tendency to misplace or lose there phone, or keys. This is one of the best protection plans to make sure you don’t lose your phone. No one wants to pay another $300-$800 when they lose there iPod, iPhone, or iPad. I personally have it on my keys and haven’t lost my keys or my phone since.

The only downside to the hipKey that I could find is that if your phone is switched to silent, the alarm will only vibrate. CEO Danny Van Der Poel said it’s something they’re addressing, and that it will likely be supported in a future APP update.

The hipKey will be available this January through Apple for $89.95. I give the hipKey a 5 out of 5