Twitter to allow users to download all tweets in new archive feature

Twitter is slowly rolling out their new archival feature to some users. For quite a while twitter users have been asking for this sought after feature and it looks like their wishes will be granted soon enough.  According to a report by The Next Web’s Martin Bryant this feature is in the hands of a few folks and has been working well for them.

So how does it work? Login to your twitter account and click Settings from there scroll down the bottom there is a button titled “Request your archive“. Twitter processes this archive then sends you an email letting you know that they are done doing so. When you click the link in the email you’ll end up downloading a zip file containing an html file, csv file and a json file, as well. The HTML file gives you a twitter like layout of all of your tweets with some nice navigation so you can read all of them.

There are some pretty humorous tweets people have posted in response to this feature: