Humble Indie Bundle 7

The folks at Humble Bundle  are doing their 7th Humble Indie Bundle. They are going with a Pay-what-you-want model that gets you access to The Binding of Isaac (and its DLC, Wrath of the Lamb)ClosureShank 2Snapshot, and Indie Game: The Movie! And if you pay over the average 9at the time of writing $6.42 US), you’ll also get The Basement CollectionCave Story+,Offspring FlingDungeon Defenders(and its DLC), and Legend of Grimrock!

Our fave out of the bunch is Dungeon Defenders which I fell in love with on iOS but they have taken it to the never level on the PC. The best part of this pack is you can either download them as stand along executables or they provide you with the Steam codes and you can download them with Steam. The games are all DRM-free, work on Windows, Mac and Linux and you are helping a great cause as well. In August of 2012 the bundles sold have raised over 19.5 million combined!

Wikipedia has some great info about the past bundles: one of our staff favorites World Of Goo was in the frist Humble Indie Bundle back in 2010.



The Binding of Isaac + Wrath of the Lamb DLC

Indie Game: The Movie

Shank 2

Dungeon Defenders + DLC

Legend of Grimrock

The Basement Collection

Offspring Fling

Cave Story+

You only have a few days left to purchase so get out there and help some great charities! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!