What to choose: Xbox One Vs PS4

With both consoles available for pre-order you might be wonder which console is right for you. The recently announced Xbox One comes in at a staggering $500, while the PS4 is merely $400. This price difference might answer that question for you, but let me tell you why you should think

The Negative Press

The Xbox One might have a lot of negative press with their ability to block shared games and future game trading. I look at this feature from a different kind of light. Trying to fill the wallets of Game Developers is not such a bad idea. Without money, the industry could slowly fade to crappy mobile phone games that no one gives a shit about. Putting the money back into the hands of the developers could bring future titles with bigger budgets that bring even better user experience. Games nowadays cost millions of dollars to build, and new graphics engines to push the limits of future hardware are certainly not cheap to develop.

Why the Xbox One

The Xbox One is more than just a game console. Microsoft is trying to turn the Xbox into the all in one media solution that the 360 has been trying to be for the past 8 years. It’s taking consoles into a whole new direction with their TV features built-in that the PS4 is greatly lacking. The Xbox One could possibly be the cable box of the future. Only limited by software there is no telling what Microsoft could eventually do with the Xbox One when it comes to content delivery. it also comes with Kinect 2. Now, I myself can say the Kinect had limited play ability for me. When the Kinect came out for the 360, it was fun for a week, or at the occasional party and that’s about it. Microsoft is really trying to change this, bringing in bigger sensors with higher quality capturing for more usability, in more games.

Why the Playstation 4

The PS4 is starting to look like a cutthroat console for the hardcore gamer. Its purely for gaming and TV features and content delivery are certainly an afterthought for Sony. Its slightly faster in its specifications and should be able to push games just a little faster than the Xbox One.

Is TV such a big deal?

When the original consoles came outs decades ago, multimedia and entertainment was a different world, and consoles played a bigger role in the younger generations. Now that these generations of gamers have grown up, they still want a console, but they also want something more. With DVR’s in every home and things like Netflix and Redbox killing off movie rental stores the entertainment industry is changing every day. Everyone is pushing sales into homes in faster and better ways than ever before. I’d say that Yes, TV is a big deal, and the new consoles will play a big role in how we see and get TV in our near future. This is not to say that Sony can’t compete with Microsoft when it comes to TV content, but Microsoft definitely has a few future proof features up its sleeve.

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