XBox the next generation of plague.

890 1024x768 XBox the next generation of plague.

Every console in this generation has been plagued with problems. Microsoft has undoubtedly had woes recently, with poor acceptance of Windows 8’s Metro, and poor Windows Phone sales, what problems will Microsoft have this time?

Hopefully they’ve learned their lesson with poor first generation hardware design, and poor software implementation. With the next Xbox being rumored to have an always on internet DRM; will this haunt their next generation console? We’ve already seen the mess this can make, with the recently released SimCity requiring an internet connection, users experienced massive problems on launch. No one, and I mean no one, will be happy with this. This will end console support in rural areas, poor families in hard times, and end the sale of used games everywhere. Will the DRM put Company’s like GameStop and GameFly to their demise? It will undoubtedly affect their bottom line. Virtually ruining all rentals and borrowing or selling of games everywhere.

Why Always-On Internet?

With an Always-On internet connection Microsoft is trying to protect developers, and themselves. Just like big brother, they want to tax you every time a game changes hands. Whether its borrowed, rented or sold, they want a piece of it. Is this new found Gaming Taxation the future of gameing? I sure hope not.

Why Always-On Sucks

No one likes to buy a new game just to find out it suck, believe me, I’ve spent my fair share of $50 just to play a game once. With a all time high unemployment rate, and the whole country affected by economic crisis, now is the worse time to force another $20, $30, or even $50 a month on people for internet. Then to top it off, another fee just for Xbox Live.

The switch to Online Sales

With online sales and game downloads on the rise, we can all agree that CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray’s are on their way out, it’s only a matter of time. Is DRM the answer? I think not, but with downloaded games they’d keep the games in one house, on one console, or one person’s account.

The Smart Solution

Steam has been doing this for a while, you enter your CD key, you download your game, and now it’s yours forever. You lose your DVD, who cares; it’s still on your steam account for download later. Now yes, you need to have internet, but no one’s forcing you to use the service. I’ve lost tons of games from scratches, cracks or hell even my dog, but they’re still available for download. Offering games at a lower price for download will increase sales, and will end borrowing or sales of used games. Should they allow you to give someone a game? Sure, why not, you paid for it. You’re not copying it; you’re just giving it away. Don’t like this idea Microsoft? Then just limit the amount of times a game can be given or “gifted” to someone else.

All I can say is, I’M SICK OF DRM. There has to be a better solution than forcing an Internet Connection. Just please don’t make us do the activation by phone.

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