Cooler Master JAS PRO – Portable Laptop Stand for Apple MacBook, iPad 4, and iPad Mini

Laptops have become the new desktop computer replacement. People, like myself are on the go and try to take their work with them. When I return to my office instead of being confined to the limited … Continue reading →

Review: Logitech Anywhere MX

Logitech Anywhere MX The Logitech Anywhere MX has been around for awhile now but its still one of the best portable mouses out there. Look and Feel As for the aesthetics of the mouse its flat black with flat gun metal gray and a perforated black rubber that feels lovely in your hand, it has [Read More…]

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Apple to release new iMacs Friday

Apple’s new iMacs with their 5mm displays go on sale this Friday with a starting price of $1299, depending on configuration The new machines include faster processor, low-reflection display and the new Fusion Drive tech which marries a SSD with a spindle drive. The model being released Friday comes with a 21.5-inch iMac with a [Read More…]

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First Photo’s of Apple-I from 1975

I’m by no means an Apple fan boy, but wow look at these pictures from 1975 taken by Paul Terrell after purchasing 50 Apple-I’s for his computer store The Byte Shop. He paid 500 a piece for a total of $25,000. The Apple-I’s were hand built by Steve Wozniak himself and retailed for $666.66. You [Read More…]

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Review: ROCCAT Kone+ Gaming Mouse

ROCCAT Has been coming out with some really high quality products as of late. The Kone+ is a highly accurate and highly deadly in any gaming situation. I’ve been using the Kone+ for a few weeks now, and I put my Razer Naga Epic to the side. The difference in accuracy and beautifully lighted accents [Read More…]

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