XBox the next generation of plague.

Every console in this generation has been plagued with problems. Microsoft has undoubtedly had woes recently, with poor acceptance of Windows 8’s Metro, and poor Windows Phone sales, what problems … Continue reading →

E3 Expo 2013: What to expect

With E3 being just a month away, we’re about to see the future of gaming. Hopefully this year’s E3 Expo will bring a smile to my face. We expecting, finally to see what the PS4 will look like, and hopefully Microsoft will officially announce its next generation Xbox. The gaming industry has been at a [Read More…]

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PlayStation 4’s Amazing Unreal Engine 4 Screenshots

If you wanted to see the true cinema-graphic quality of the PlayStation 4 then look no further. Here’s some full quality screenshots from the Unreal Engine 4 from Epic Games, it shows the true power house the PS4 is meant to be. With graphics this insane it makes me wonder if they will be pushing [Read More…]

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PlayStation 4 Diablo III Screen Shots Reveal Saddening News

Diablo III lacking graphics? Yesterday Blizzard announced for the first time ever, they will be working with Sony to get some games on the PlayStation. I sure hope these screenshots are from the PS3 and not the PS4. From the looks of these lack luster screenshots released on’s D3 site, we have a lot [Read More…]

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PlayStation 4 – Knack Gameplay Video

Knack is the first game title for the PlayStation 4. Knack is about a little Robot fighting a war against Goblins. The game is directed by Mark Cerny. Just to give you an idea on where this game comes from, Mark also worked on other games such as Ratchet & Clank, Resistance 2, Crash Bandicoot. [Read More…]

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Humble Indie Bundle 7

The Humble Indie Bundle 7: Pay what you want for nine illustrious games plus one film and help charity!

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