Disney’s Planes coming to theaters

Disney’s new movie Planes ( The new brother to Pixar’s Cars Movies ) which was announced last year as a straight to home video release slated for a spring of 2013, is now coming to a theater near you. The film though is being produced by DisneyToon Studios and not Pixar. Hopefully DisneyToon Studios can do the movie justice; most of the studios films are direct-to-video.

The movie stars a big-hearted crop duster named Dusty. The lead star was originally going to be voiced by Jon Cryer but as of recently plans have shifted, and Disney is looking for a new lead actor as the star of the movie.

If the movie does well, Disney has plans to make more Car’s Spinoffs, they’ll include boats and or trains to the cars world. We’ll be looking for this next year, Disney’s Planes will be theatrically released on August 9 2013.



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